Our goal is to design and validate products that guarantee health to their users. Health as WHO defines it as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just an absence of disease or infirmity".
We share the values of our fields of activity.


Julien Breton

Biomedical engineer and Director

Design & tests

Antoine Millet

Design engineer

PhD Student

Alex Panefieu

Business Developper

Axel Fenouillière

Tests engineer - Ergonomics in Sport and Physical Activity

User Testing

Doc Brice Pereyre

Medical referent

Doctor in emergency medicine and sport


The Scientific Committee's mission is to ensure the scientific coherence of SC projects. It is composed of scientific experts from our fields of activity:

Dr Frédéric Cordier :

Dental Surgeon and Orthodontist, Associate Founder of the Belcenia Dental Center and the Ortho-Up Network.

Jean-Franck Charlet :

Engineer, High Mountain Guide, Head of the ENSA mountain sports equipment testing laboratory and President of the International Safety Committee for mountaineering and climbing.

Dr Brice Pereyre :

Sports doctor and emergency doctor, Founder of the sports medicine department at Mont de Marsan, doctor of the Stade Montois Rugby Pro team, doctor of the surf federation.

Luc Dubois :

Microbiologist, MBA. Founding President of Validapro (Canada-Europe), international expert in medical devices.


SC shares strong links with its partners, through relationships of trust and cooperation