Our goal is to design and validate products that guarantee health to their users. Health as WHO defines it as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just an absence of disease or infirmity".
We share the values of our fields of activity.


Sophie Michel

Team leader

Quality assurance & continuous improvement

Doc Brice Pereyre

Medical referent

Doctor in emergency medicine and sport

Julien Breton

Biomedical engineer

Design & tests

Antoine Millet

Design engineer

PhD Student

Alex Panefieu

Business Developper

Pierre Coromp

Design & tests

Kinanthropology expert


The Scientific Committee's mission is to ensure the scientific coherence of SC projects. It is composed of scientific experts from our fields of activity:

Dr Frédéric Cordier :

Dental Surgeon and Orthodontist, Associate Founder of the Belcenia Dental Center and the Ortho-Up Network.

Jean-Franck Charlet :

Engineer, High Mountain Guide, Head of the ENSA mountain sports equipment testing laboratory and President of the International Safety Committee for mountaineering and climbing.

Dr Brice Pereyre :

Sports doctor and emergency doctor, Founder of the sports medicine department at Mont de Marsan, doctor of the Stade Montois Rugby Pro team, doctor of the surf federation.

Luc Dubois :

Microbiologist, MBA. Founding President of Validapro (Canada-Europe), international expert in medical devices.


SC shares strong links with its partners, through relationships of trust and cooperation